Food and accommodation

For the realization of the workshop, AAVS Amazon hires a wooden lodge on a private property by the edge of Mamori Lake, with a small boat dock. The lodge has 6 spacious double rooms with beds, fans, and shower/toilet, as well as a large dining/studio room with tables, chairs and hammocks. It is equipped with a water tower reservoir, an electrical system with 110V power sockets, and a kitchen.

Katia, our amazing cook, will delight you with an astonishing variety of Brazilian dishes. Food mainly consists of a fresh daily catch of  delicious Amazonian fishes, from piranhas to tucunaré. There is also chicken and beef, as well as tropical vegetables and fruits. Rice, beans and tapioca flour are the most common local complements to the diet. We can also provide a vegetarian diet. 

All transportation from/to Manaus is organized with locally-hired boat and minivan transports. Although there are a few trails in the area, the main local transportation system is by small engine-powered boats or canoes. AAVS Amazon hires an experienced local guide/boatman that is available for local trips and any other logistic needs.