What to bring

Laptop with CAD software, 3D Modeller and Adobe Creative Suite. Sketchbook and drawing material (whatever fits in a pencil case).

Adaptors: Power sockets in the lodge (110V) are valid for European and American plugs, but not for UK, Australia or South Africa plugs, for example. Bring your adaptors, if needed. A small power strip for your plugs is also very helpful.

Flashlights: Although there is electricity in the lodge, the power lines are not fully reliable and power cuts are not unusual. A flash-light is thus one of the most-commonly used tools in Mamori. Bring plenty of batteries or rechargeable ones with charger.

Clothes: While inside the forest, it is recommended to wear long pants and a long- sleeve shirt, to prevent mosquito bites and scratches from thorns. For all other situations, shorts and T-shirts are the most comfortable. Bring a bathing suit, since swimming is something we like to do at Mamori Lake. A thin jacket is not a bad idea, as some nights might feel relatively chilly. Since rain is likely to occur, even during the dry season, a light raincoat, poncho or equivalent is recommendable.

Shoes: For the short hikes inside the forest and along the river banks high rubber boots (“wellingtons”) are recommended. For all other situations, sandals are perfect.

Sun block and hat: During the day, and particularly while on a small boat, it might get quite hot. Sun block and a hat are very advisable.

Water-proof bags: The combination of very high humidity, rain and life on small boats makes very recommendable to bring water-proof bags (from small plastic ones to a larger rubber one, like the ones used for canoeing) for all the electronic equipment.

Medicines: All participants travelling from abroad are covered by the AAVS travel insurance. There is a standard first-aid kit in the lodge. In the Mamori Lake community there is a paramedic but no clinic or other medical services. Bring all your necessary medication. If any participant suffers any particular illness or disease, he/she should inform the organizers beforehand and bring all proper specialized medication. Mosquito repellent is a must.